Wrapping up the iTrade Fantasy League for 2015

Wrapping up the iTrade Fantasy League for 2015


Were you following the iTrade Fantasy League this year? This time around, the JSE kept us on our toes. The volatility of the 2015 market had us dancing around, investing in shares and selling when stop-losses triggered. That worked well for us, especially in Resource shares where we avoided big losses by getting out early. We sold Biliton at R255, saving us big losses as it fell to R180 the week before we closed the competition, down 30%. We also decided to stay out of Resource shares completely, a wise move as the Resource 10 Index dropped 28% in the last two months alone.

As you can remember the iTrade Fantasy League portfolio was in a R60,000 loss in August as world markets and especially the JSE fell in a heap. Fortunately it recovered to a small profit. Just when we thought that all was relatively still, geopolitical risks increased dramatically and found ourselves selling the shares a few days early in order to preserve the little profit in the portfolio.

It’s been quite a year!

The final portfolio as at 30 November was R1,013,341.48 which meant that we closed out with a profit of R13,341.48.


The winners were as follows:

First Place: Andries De Wet, with his prediction of R1,012,354.07. He won R8,004.89.
Second Place: Lyle Wayde, with his prediction of R1,015,000.00. He won R2,668.30.
Third Place: Mark Schwartz, with his prediction of R1,008,608.96. He won R1,334.15.

Our final winner in the iTrade Fantasy League competition this year was CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA – an organisation which has touched our hearts over the years.


Thank you to all those who danced with us and tried their hands at portfolio management and learning to trade online with the iTrade Fantasy League this year. If you’d like to send feedback on the competition, please feel free to do so via any of our social media platforms, or Email Us.

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