Share Data – Markets

Share Data – Markets

Sanlam iTrade Online provides a wealth of information and data on every listed JSE share. Every week we will highlight another section of the Share Data pages. After logging in on click on Markets/Data/Research in the top menu. Then click on Share Data.


The Markets page gives a great overview of the movements of major indices, commodities, currencies, etc. Click on any name in the left column to change the chart to that index or currency. You can also change the period from intra-day to 10 years. The 2 Day intra-day chart displays very useful short term info. Click on the “more” link to see a list of all the Indices. You can also get full page views of any chart if you click on Charting in the menu.


Scroll down for more intra-day info such as the top 5 shares up or down, new 12 month highs and lows as well as Government Bond yields.

Intra Day

Next week we will look at all the info available under the next heading, Shares.
Share Data

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