#TradeMyWay: Mark Anthony Schwartz

#TradeMyWay: Mark Anthony Schwartz

As part of our #TradeMyWay campaign, we have asked users to send in some of their own personal trading stories. Thank you to Mark Anthony Schwartz for sharing his story with us below. 

I started working in the investment field in May 2010 at a company in Bloemfontein, Free state as an admin clerk (by admin I mean excel and accounting tasks). I knew nothing about trading or investing. For the first few months I did my work and my work only, but 6 months in I decided that this is not what I want to do, nor what I should do with my life. I started to take notice of what the other investment guys were doing and what they did on a daily basis. These were the investment researchers and analysts. I asked them what, when and how they did certain things, before I began to mimic what they did in the months going forward.

As you will probably know, admin can only be done when there is work coming in. This meant that there were days where I had little to no work to do at all and that made me anxious. The more questions I asked the more I learnt about the world of investments. Thankfully there was a guy at my firm who did not mind me asking these questions.

In time gone by I finally got an opportunity to become an Investment Researcher. I started taking an interest in trading and technical analysis. I joined every webinar online when I had the chance to do so. I used “Investopedia” as a study guide through my leaning process.

About another year went by before I started to invest with the company I worked for, on a very small scale of course. Working and playing every investment competition in South Africa, I decided to take my technical analysis a bit further. I started testing how it works, which indicator is good for what and so on. That year Sanlam iTrade had a competition which they called ” iTrade Fantasy League”. The aim was to predict the share at certain monthly intervals. I decided to put my technical analysis to the test with this competition. So the portfolio would run for 11 months and have 20 shares at least at all times during the competition. I took each share individually and did a technical analysis study on each one of them, as well as the JSE All-share.

In the end I calculated my results and predicted the end value of the portfolio after 11 months.

What happened next was just amazing:

“Gerhard Lampen, Head of Sanlam iTrade ‘pushes the button’ to transfer R100,470.55 to our iTrade Fantasy League first prize winner, Mark Anthony Schwartz.

Anthony is a 25 year old financial analyst at Bremer Investments in Bloemfontein and has an active interest in online trading. He predicted a total portfolio value of R1,167,199.66 and our portfolio closed at R 1,167,450.90 on 29 November 2013.

He got to his near-perfect prediction with technical analysis as well as predicting the closing price of each individual share in the portfolio and summing up those values.”

In 2015 I played the same competition and I followed exactly the same strategy on technical analysis, ending up in 3rd place.

I started a small fund with my employer which was focused on value trading and investing. I invested short term in cheap stocks with a good business and good technical analysis. I outperformed the JSE and Swix in my first year as well as our portfolio’s in the company.

After a year of having the fund I decided to get more into the trading environment. I moved to Durban where I am now a trader. I am currently trading on a daily basis in Forex, commodities, Indices and shares. And yes you guessed it… I love it.

Never a dull moment if you are in the world of investing.

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