The $100,000 iTradeGlobal Challenge

The $100,000 iTradeGlobal Challenge

Did you wish you were able to trade or invest in offshore markets when Finance Minister Nene was unceremoniously fired on 9 December (9/12 is rated as South Africa’s 9/11)? The Rand has since strengthened, but our currency is still very volatile and we are still waiting for the Ratings Agencies to confirm if we are downgraded to junk investment status.

Investing offshore is daunting to say the least. What better way to learn and gain experience than to do it in a risk free environment? This is what the iTradeGlobal Challenge is all about, to give you the opportunity to learn about the international markets and experience trading conditions in real time, risk free and at no cost to you. Plus you can win $5,000 in real money!

In this challenge you will be given $100,000 in virtual money to invest in any share on the major global markets on our iTradeGlobal simulation platform. This unique opportunity will allow you to trade online, risk free and stand the chance to win $5,000 to start your live account with iTradeGlobal.

The benefits:

  • Get introduced to the world of global investing
  • See how easy it is to trade shares you know like Coca Cola, Facebook and Apple and thousands more on global exchanges around the world.
  • You can also learn about Index tracking ETFs and even managed ETFs.
  • Learn to analyse and discover new investment opportunities.
  • Gain experience on the real market without the risk of losing real money.
  • Gain access to iTrade educational courses, research and tools for insight.

iTradeGlobal Challenge

The iTradeGlobal Challenge starts on Wed 4 May and ends on 6 July. You can enter at any time. The winner will be announced at The Money Expo on 9 July.

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