Share Data – Shares

Share Data – Shares

Sanlam iTrade Online provides a wealth of information and data on every listed JSE share. Every week we will highlight another section of the Share Data pages.

Accessing Share Information

After logging in on click on Markets/Data/Research in the top menu. Then click on Share Data. Click on Shares in the top menu of Share Data.

The Top 40 shares will open or you can click on any letter of the alphabet to select your share. You can also click on Sectors on the far right of the alphabet and select a sector like Banks as in the example. This is also a good way to see which shares make up a sector. The frame around some shares only indicates that there is a direct link to that company’s website.

Looking at Nedbank

We will now look at Nedbank, one of our favourite shares in the sector.


The Quote page that opens when you click on Nedbank gives you an overview of the day’s trading stats. All the price info will be 15 minutes delay. Clients can get live prices on the trading pages.


When you scroll down you will see the last 20 traded prices, green when it is higher than the previous price or red if it is lower. VWAP is the Volume Weighted Average Price for the day. More info on Nedbank’s peers are given as well as important valuation info like the PE ratio as at the previous day’s close.


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