Our second Wannabe iTrader launches into the world of day trading!

Our second Wannabe iTrader launches into the world of day trading!

We have a second Wannabe iTrader, Bradley Lund, who will be trading with our R10,000 for the month of October! He’s been busy getting all his paper work in order to start trading and this is his experience so far:

After following the last Wannabe iTrader’s blog posts about his day trading experience, I was excited for the next Wannabe iTrader competition. When the opportunity came around, I was very keen to get involved! We all gathered on Sanlam iTrade Online’s LinkedIn page and had 10 minutes to answer some easy questions about Sanlam iTrade’s products and services. Ten of us who answered all questions correctly were picked at random to go through to the final round, where the first to answer a new set of questions correctly was chosen as the winner. Luckily, I was quick enough to win the final round and thus became the second Wannabe iTrader.

Though very excited to win, it is quite a daunting prospect, and the process of forming my plan of action is quite interesting.

I set about registering as an iTrade Pro user. I have had to fill in some JSE required forms, necessary FICA documents and confirm my income tax reference number, then post all these through to Sanlam iTrade Online.

Registering as an iTrade Pro user will grant me access to a large amount of information, educational and live market information. I will be going through all the learning resources before I begin to trade. Hopefully these will help me formulate a good plan, and help me understand the discipline and system that I will require to be successful.

The ability to make trades using my Android device will be very helpful and I will get full access to important information whenever and wherever I need it.

I’m very much looking forward to the experience and hope I can make it a profitable one!

Bradley Lund


– Bradley Lund

Wannabe iTrader

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