Online Trading Tools For You

Online Trading Tools For You

Investing or trading without help can seem daunting to most people. Before the internet, there was very little information available to assist when investing online. The wealth of information and tools now available have placed online trading and investment within the reach of many individuals. Here are some highlights of what is available.

Where can you get help to learn about investing?

In order to make successful online investment decisions, you need to equip yourself with knowledge first.

To help you there is a free online education course called Shares Made Simple on the Sanlam iTrade website.

The iSayiTrade Blog has many educational articles such as the Investor Education Series and First Steps to Start Investing.

JustOneLap is another website that offers several free educational webinars.

Register as an iView client with Sanlam iTrade to access their Learning Centre and practice with virtual trading before you invest real money. (Free of the first month, thereafter only R200 a year.)

Online trading tools for local JSE stocks:

Once you have learned a bit about analysing shares, you will need access to fundamental data. Sanlam iTrade provides comprehensive information and data about each listed share on the JSE. This includes the nature of business, subsidiaries, valuations, peer analysis, consensus broker forecasts, factsheets, 10 years of financial results and comprehensive charting. Below an example of a listed JSE share:

Also available at no extra cost to Sanlam iTrade clients:

Robur Stock-screening Tool – helps you to filter shares using tried and tested value investing techniques. It helps you to narrow the companies down to the ones that fit your own search criteria.

Trading Central Technical Analysis Research – This award-winning company provides event-driven research and strategies to help you make profitable decisions.

Live JSE SENS News – All price sensitive information must be released on SENS first. This means that our clients get the news at the same time as stockbrokers and can trade immediately.

Online trading tools for global stocks:

On the iTradeGlobal platform Sanlam iTrade provides news and technical analysis research at no extra cost and company research on more than 11,000 global stocks for a small fee. This includes:

  • NewsEdge – news on equities, corporates, markets, macroeconomics and more;
  • TradingFloor – technical analysis research and views;
  • Research – Comprehensive fundamental data and research including general info, historical financials and estimates, valuation multiples and peer group comparison.

Below is an example of Tencent, the Hong Kong listed share that is the biggest holding in Naspers:

These are just highlights of the wealth of information and functionality available online to traders and investors, from novices wanting to learn to experienced professionals.

Sanlam iTrade has also upgraded to a first-of-its-kind, fully digital client onboarding and FICA registration process.


If you register now you will get free global research and pay no monthly fees for local JSE accounts until February 2017. And should you transfer your portfolio from another stockbroker, Sanlam iTrade Online will refund the exit fees. Kickstart your online trading or investing career now!

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