New to trading? Take our #iTradeR1m educational journey with us.

New to trading? Take our #iTradeR1m educational journey with us.

iTradeR1m Journey


When Sanlam iTrade started in 2007 the online trading market was very small. To increase awareness and interest among savvy South Africans, we knew we needed to focus on education around the online trading environment. And to guarantee a competitive edge, we knew we needed to offer a personalised service – and that is exactly what we did. There are no call centres, clients speak directly to iTrade team members and IT professionals regarding any questions they may have to ensure issues are resolved swiftly.

With the basics in place and education at the forefront, the Sanlam iTrade Learning Centre was launched – and is still going strong. Including modules covering everything needed to make successful investment decisions, from fundamental analysis to technical analysis.

Even then there was still a degree of hesitation in making the jump from learning how to trade online to actually trading. It is only with experience that one starts understanding how volatile the market can be – how shares and markets react to profit announcements, economic and political factors, how share valuations are affected by everything from CEO resignations to takeover speculation, etc.

To provide a risk free environment that would empower and enable both new and intermediate investors to gain experience, the iTrade virtual trading competition was launched in 2007. The platform has since provided tens of thousands of novice online traders with the opportunity to experience the JSE risk free (with some prize money to boot). And with no cost attached, it remains the ideal learning experience.

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Despite the teething problems experienced in the first week of the iTradeR1m challenge with our outsourced service provider’s virtual platform, we get a lot of positive response and appreciative feedback. There are already more than 7,000 interested investors and traders getting exposure to the workings of the JSE. The turmoil in Europe with Greece is an excellent learning school of how markets are driven by factors outside company earnings.

Here is a brief list of some of the information and functionality at your disposal on the Sanlam iTrade and Iress websites.

  • Customisable Iress trading platform with live prices kindly sponsored by the JSE. Our real trading clients have Direct market Access (DMA) and can also trade from their mobiles with the Iress app, CFDs included.
  • Live JSE SENS news. All listed companies MUST publish any sensitive news through SENS first. This includes profit and dividend announcements, director dealings in shares and resignations, cautionaries when entering negotiations that can affect the share price, etc. This is very important because it means that you as a trader or investor get the news exactly at the same time as all the stockbrokers on the JSE. By the time the broker has phoned and traded for his first client, thousands of our clients could already trade. This is just one of the advantages of online trading. Lower costs, 24/7 availability and ease of use are others.
  • Excellent research from Sanlam Private Wealth’s research team under the leadership of well-known Alwyn van der Merwe plus we purchase research on smaller companies from Merchantec Capital.
  • If you don’t know how to interpret the research and data, we have the excellent online course Shares made Simple. This course demystifies the stock market step-by-step for you, from the very basic to fundamental analysis. We are working on a course that will deal with all the economic factors that influence the markets and follow it up with one that explains technical analysis. Watch that space.
  • We have written numerous educational blog articles explaining how to start investing and how to analyse shares. Just search for “Learn” or “Education” here on the
  • You can also gain a lot of learning by following our iTrade Fantasy League on Sanlam iTrade’s Facebook page. Like the page and you can enter that competition as well. We invested R1m in shares chosen by our Facebook Fans and the winner will get 60% of the profits. All you have to do is vote for shares and predict the end value of the portfolio. The previous winner received more than R100,000!
  • The Morning Digest is available every day on our website with market commentaries and lots of data. This is also published to our social media platforms.
  • Comprehensive data on each and every listed share including 10 years of financial reports including the glossies, market and performance data, consensus broker forecasts, brand names, shareholders and much more. You can also check any share trades by directors of companies as they have to report to the JSE if they trade.
  • Technical analysis research is available from Trading Central, an award winning international company. This gives you trading ideas with buy and sell levels even if you don’t understand the intricacies of technical analysis. You can also do your own technical analysis on the iTrade platform as well as on Iress. The Learning Centre has modules on how to do technical analysis as well as recommended books and useful links. We will soon launch a new stock screening tool that will enable you to filter shares based on their earnings growth, P/E ratios, and more.

We don’t mean to brag, but we have put a lot of effort into educating the market and providing fantastic learning opportunities for new and aspiring traders. We’d love for you to make use of them!

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