iManaged Portfolio beats JSE ALSI by more than 100%!

iManaged Portfolio beats JSE ALSI by more than 100%!

The iManaged General Equity Portfolio returned 16% for the 12 months to March 2017, more than double the 3% return on the JSE All Share Index. The portfolio’s return over 5 years is an impressive 17% per year compared to the Alsi’s 12%. With 17% compound growth it means your portfolio could have doubled in 4 years. The portfolio is managed by Alwyn van der Merwe, the well-known Director of Investments at Sanlam Private Wealth.

iM Gen Eq Performance

The primary objective of the iManaged General Equity portfolio is to provide above-average total returns (capital plus income) over an investment horizon of three years or more. The portfolio is designed to meet the needs of long-term investors looking for concentrated equity exposure through a diversified portfolio of quality shares spread across the resources, financial and industrial sectors of the JSE.

Equity Exposure and Top 5 Share Holdings:

Managed JSE Share Portfolio

What are iManaged Portfolios?

iManaged portfolios are individual share portfolios, not unit trusts. The minimum investment is R200,000, and there is a maximum of 10 shares in each portfolio to minimize trading costs, and a very small cash component.  Individual shares are registered directly in the client’s  name.

Distinct from the bespoke personalised portfolio management offered by SPW to clients investing over R1 million, the iManaged portfolios are not individually-tailored, but are strictly managed according to model portfolio guidelines, giving clients access to the expertise, experience and excellent track record of the SPW investment team, led by Director of Investments, Alwyn van der Merwe.  A client may at any stage change his or her account status to self-manage the portfolio. There will be no cost to do this as the shares are already in the client’s account.

What does it cost?

The performance figures above are all before costs as broking fees depends on the size of the trade and will differ from client to client. Clients will pay lower monthly fees of R25 per month plus VAT and the normal low iTrade broking fees when a trade is done which is not often. The portfolio management fee is 1.5% per year levied monthly in arrears on the value of the portfolio.

How do I get my portfolio managed by iTrade and SPW.

Visit the Sanlam iTrade website and click on the iManaged link for all the information or Click Here.

Gerhard Lampen.

Head Sanlam iTrade Online.

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