If you had invested in our iTrade Fantasy League Portfolio of 2013…

If you had invested in our iTrade Fantasy League Portfolio of 2013…

We started the iTrade Fantasy League portfolio on 1 March in 2013. This throwback looks at what would have happened if an investor followed our trades with his or her own R1m and kept the shares.

You might remember that the portfolio, chosen and managed by our Facebook fans, did very well in the 9 months from March to November in 2013. We managed a return of 17.6% after all costs, beating the JSE All Share Index handsomely. The profits went to the winners in the competition to predict the end-value of the portfolio in November 2013. The overall winner received more than R100,000.

Assuming a client followed our portfolio and kept the shares after November 2013, he or she would now have about R1,5m. The capital appreciation of the shares amount to R1,45m and you can add at least 3% to 4% in dividends received. Excluding dividends that was an increase of nearly 24% from 1 December 2013 to 25 March 2015, 16 months. In comparison the JSE All Share Index went up by only 17.4%, also excluding dividends. That is a very good outperformance indeed. The iTrade Fantasy League portfolio is not to be sneered at.

iTrade Fantasy League Portfolio

The worst group was the resource sector where Anglos, African Rainbow Minerals, Billiton and Sasol lost a total of R44,629. The only other shares that declined in value were Richemont and Grindrod. Grindrod was also badly affected by worsening commodity exports and a bulk sipping oversupply.

The star performers were Capitec with a R75,000 gain and Naspers with R66,000. Aspen increased by R35,000. Mondi, Discovery, Remgro and Investec all increased by more than R20,000 over the period.

The real success was the educational value reaped by our Facebook Fans. Please join us in the journey this year as we again try to outperform the JSE and accumulate as big a profit as possible for the competition winners. You can be one of them. Go to the Sanlam iTrade Facebook page, click on the iTrade Fantasy League app, read the rules, vote and, most of all, learn about investing.

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