Global Research and News on iTradeGlobal

Global Research and News on iTradeGlobal

Our Live trading clients get global research reports on more than 10,000 companies worldwide for the low cost of only 2 Euros per month. The reports are not analyst reports, but comprehensive information, data and valuation reports. For the iTraders in the iTradeGlobal $100,000 Challenge there are sample reports of 10 companies available which are updated daily, plus free Dow Jones news on all the major companies. The sample reports available to everyone are:

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How to access the reports:

Let’s say you want to access the report on Barclays. You can search for Barclays in the search field at the top of the screen (magnifying glass) or click on the name of the company in your portfolio or in the watchlist. To get to Stocks UK watchlist, click on the “Stocks US” drop down button and select “EQ Stocks by region”. Scroll down to “Stocks UK” and click on it.

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When you click on “Barclays PLC”, it will open in the Overview/Charts window (top right corner).


Scroll down until you get to Fundamentals and News. You will be able to see the Fundamentals (Consensus view, Target price, P/E, etc.) and Dow Jones News for all the major companies, not only the 10 in samples. Click on “Open Equity Research”, to the right of “Fundamentals”.


A pop-up window will open in the middle of your screen. Accept the disclaimer after you have read it. The report for Barclays will then open. You can scroll down for more information like Valuation, Consensus Estimate Changes and the Calendar. On the top row menu you can go to General Info, Financials, Valuation and Comparable Companies. Quite comprehensive information.

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To gain access to the comprehensive information available on more than 10,000 companies for only 2 Euro per month, you will need to register and open an iTradeGlobal account. You will need a minimum investment of R100,000. Click on “OPEN AN ACCOUNT”. For more information on iTradeGlobal, all the costs and exchanges available, Click Here.

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Gerhard Lampen

Head Sanlam iTrade Online

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