Free subscriptions with iTradeGlobal

Free subscriptions with iTradeGlobal

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there’s loads for free with iTradeGlobal, our global trading platform.

On top of a great trading platform where you can trade or invest on 20 global markets in more than 11,000 shares there are so much that you can subscribe to at no cost.

1. Free live prices for most of Europe

You will see that there is no indicator in the Delay column which means it is live. It also tells you when it was last updated.

live prices

To subscribe for free live prices for Europe click on Account in the top menu and then on Subscriptions in the left menu. Click on Bats Europe to subscribe for free if you are a private user. Live prices for US markets like NASDAQ and NYSE are only $1 per month.


2. Free TradingFloor Trade Views

TradingFloor provides technical analysis research and views, great for traders. Click on News Services (next to Stock Exchanges) to subscribe to TradingFloor.

trading floor

To access the TradingFloor Views click on News & Research in the top menu and then choose Trade Views in the drop down list under Select Provider. We will explain NewsEdge news in the next section which is also free.

News and Research

Below is a snapshot of their research discussing a potential breakout in Texas Instruments:


3. Free NewsEdge news

For news on equities, Corporates, Macro Economics and more, subscribe to NewsEdge news at no cost. You can also search for news on a specific company like Tencent in this case.

This news below came hot off the press on 17 August. Profits jumped 47%. Can you believe they have 806 million active users on WeChat or Weixin as it is called in mainland China? 800 MILLION! Good news for Naspers who jumped 8% on the news.



4. Free Equity Research on more than 11,000 companies

Research costs only 2 EURO per month, but we will refund you the fee until December 2016. You will only start paying in January 2017. You have to subscribe though, click on Research next to News services.

equity research

Here is an example. Search for Anheuser Busch InBev (InBev) or click on it in your watchlist or portfolio. The Overview will change to InBev. Scroll down to see a Consensus View, Open Equity Research as well as NewsEdge news.


Click on Open Equity research will take you to pages and pages of data. From a Summary to General Info, Financials, Valuation and Comparable Companies. Below are just the Summary pages.


(You can get all this for free when you register for iTradeGlobal as a Sanlam iTrade client)

You’re welcome!

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