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Stoploss triggered on Aspen

Today the stoploss on Aspen triggered on our iTrade Fantasy League when it declined to R370. That was 8% below the high reached only two weeks ago. Our portfolio only made a loss of only 3% because we adjusted our stoploss to 8% below the high. The MACD indicator is also giving a sell signal.

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Perspective on our Wannabe iTrader’s failures and successes

In September, Bradley Lund won the Wannabe iTrader competition on Sanlam iTrade Online’s LinkedIn company page. That earned him the opportunity to trade with R10,000 of our money for a month and then keep all of it, the R10,000 plus profits minus losses. We asked him to blog about his experience along the way and

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And that’s a wrap – our Wannabe iTrader wraps up his trading month and didn’t lose our money!

My month of trading on the JSE with Sanlam iTrade Online’s money is over. This last week has been pretty good! I had some cash to invest so bought shares in Compagnie Financire Richemont (CFR) and Woolworths (WHL) both of which I thought should be on the up, 160 shares in CFR and 200 in

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‘Shoulda, woulda, coulda’ – Our Wannabe iTrader learns some solid lessons this week

This last week has been quite interesting! The market is a fickle beast, trying to coax it into playing nice is quite a mission. The Top40 index has fallen around 3000 points in the last three weeks, not cool! I was standing on short shares in the Satrix Resi portfolio. I had been holding these

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Where to start when learning to trade online? Our Wannabe iTrader reveals his approach.

The first step I took once becoming the second Wannabe iTrader, was to tell some friends, and ask them for any top tips or vital information I might need. I soon discovered that they were mostly as clueless as I was. I would have to turn to the internet. When in doubt, ask Google, right?