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‘Shoulda, woulda, coulda’ – Our Wannabe iTrader learns some solid lessons this week

This last week has been quite interesting! The market is a fickle beast, trying to coax it into playing nice is quite a mission. The Top40 index has fallen around 3000 points in the last three weeks, not cool! I was standing on short shares in the Satrix Resi portfolio. I had been holding these

JSE All Share Index with Stochastic and moving average
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JSE corrects 5%, should we worry?

On 29 July I wrote a Blog “JSE All Share up 37% in 13 months”. I ended with these words: “At some stage the JSE will correct, but with so many investors waiting for just such an event, the correction is likely to be small. When? If I knew that I would not be working

JSE Construction & Materials Index, Investment, shares, online.
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Long term prospects for Construction Industry on the up

We asked Olof Bergh, analyst from Sanlam Private Wealth, to reflect on the prospects for the Construction Sector. This is what he had to say: Engineered for success? After 7 years of significant underperformance we assess whether the construction sector has laid the foundation for future investment success. The construction sector has delivered terrible investment

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Gold Jewellery Demand Drops 30%!

The World Gold Council just released second quarter demand and supply statistics. On the supply side not much happened with total supply increasing by 10% from the second quarter of 2013. What is interesting though is that producers are starting to hedge future production again. They hedged 50 tons in Q2 compared to -15 tons

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JSE All Share Index up 37% in 13 months!

Despite crippling strikes, Zuma election victory and ratings downgrades, the JSE keeps on powering along at some pace. Since 24 June 2013 the JSE is up a whopping 37% excluding dividends which could add another 3%. In this time there were only 2 corrections of 5% or bigger, a 6.5% correction in November/December and a

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The JSE defies gravity …. for now!

As I wrote in my previous blog post, iTrade Fantasy League Announcement, share prices on the JSE have run far ahead of earnings expectations. The JSE All Share Index increased by more than 30%, from 38,000 on 24 June 2013 to 50,000 in May 2014. This was much more than earnings (profit) growth with the

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Trouble in China!

Why you should still be careful investing in resource shares. “Resource shares are so cheap now, should I buy?” I get the question from clients often and the subject is debated in the SPI investment meetings regularly. I have expressed my worries about growth in China a few times on TV and Twitter. A new