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If you had invested in our iTrade Fantasy League Portfolio of 2013…

We started the iTrade Fantasy League portfolio on 1 March in 2013. This throwback looks at what would have happened if an investor followed our trades with his or her own R1m and kept the shares. You might remember that the portfolio, chosen and managed by our Facebook fans, did very well in the 9

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Investing in Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) – what’s the fuss?

Everybody’s talking about it at the moment: Tax Free Savings Accounts, or TFSAs. Why should you be looking at this and how does it work? It is imperative that every citizen makes use of this opportunity. The savings over the long term will be substantial. If possible you should open an account for every family

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We haven’t invested in Discovery, like you asked us to. Here is why.

The top 4 shares in the Financial sector in our iTrade Fantasy League, as per your votes on Facebook, currently look like this: We have invested in Firstrand, Old Mutual and Sanlam so far, but not Discovery. Here is a quick explanation as to why. We have not yet invested in Discovery in the Financial

JSE new highs technical analysis
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Our Buy Signal on the JSE All Share Index was a Gem!

We first highlighted a potential buying opportunity on Sanlam iTrade Online’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on 19 January 2015. Then we posted this on Facebook on 26 January when the JSE All Share Index broke out of a symmetrical triangle, alerting a buying opportunity with a 4,000 point upside potential, 8%. This is what happened in

Gold price from 2010 to 2015
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Gold bar and coin demand continues to slip!

The World Gold Council just released demand and supply statistics for 2014. There are no surprises on the supply side with total mine production up 2% to 3,114 tonnes. Total Gold supply, including recycled Gold, was flat for the year at 4,278 tonnes. On the demand side total jewellery demand declined by 10% to 2,153

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This time the oil price can stay low for longer

Looking at the oil price graph from 1996, it is clear that the oil price never stayed low for long after a substantial drop. In 1998 the oil price dropped more than 50% from over $20 to below $10, but it recovered back to $20 in only six months. Same 50% drop ($35 to $17)

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JSE Stocktips for 2015 by the best Sanlam Private Wealth Masterminds

18 Stocktips for 2015 from 6 Sanlam Masterminds Although our portfolio managers and researchers are long-term focused, we asked them which are must-have stocks for next year. As the JSE stockmarket is again correcting down, a buying opportunity may well present itself in the next week or two. It may be a good move to

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Perspective on our Wannabe iTrader’s failures and successes

In September, Bradley Lund won the Wannabe iTrader competition on Sanlam iTrade Online’s LinkedIn company page. That earned him the opportunity to trade with R10,000 of our money for a month and then keep all of it, the R10,000 plus profits minus losses. We asked him to blog about his experience along the way and

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And that’s a wrap – our Wannabe iTrader wraps up his trading month and didn’t lose our money!

My month of trading on the JSE with Sanlam iTrade Online’s money is over. This last week has been pretty good! I had some cash to invest so bought shares in Compagnie Financire Richemont (CFR) and Woolworths (WHL) both of which I thought should be on the up, 160 shares in CFR and 200 in