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Where to start when learning to trade online? Our Wannabe iTrader reveals his approach.

The first step I took once becoming the second Wannabe iTrader, was to tell some friends, and ask them for any top tips or vital information I might need. I soon discovered that they were mostly as clueless as I was. I would have to turn to the internet. When in doubt, ask Google, right?

JSE All Share Index with Stochastic and moving average
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JSE corrects 5%, should we worry?

On 29 July I wrote a Blog “JSE All Share up 37% in 13 months”. I ended with these words: “At some stage the JSE will correct, but with so many investors waiting for just such an event, the correction is likely to be small. When? If I knew that I would not be working

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Long term prospects for Construction Industry on the up

We asked Olof Bergh, analyst from Sanlam Private Wealth, to reflect on the prospects for the Construction Sector. This is what he had to say: Engineered for success? After 7 years of significant underperformance we assess whether the construction sector has laid the foundation for future investment success. The construction sector has delivered terrible investment

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Sentiment on social media turns negative for Capitec!

Capitec’s share price is coming under pressure after Moody’s downgraded Capitec’s debt rating to junk status. The share price dropped from R243 to R203 in two weeks after the demise of African Bank (Abil) and the rating downgrade. Capitec Bank share price drops! Topsy measures social sentiment and rates millions of microblogs (mostly tweets) as

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Learning to trade – our Wannabe iTrader gets ready…

Having recently won the Sanlam iTrade’s “Wannabe iTrader” competition on LinkedIn, I immediately started digging into the exciting and adrenaline-filled world of day trading. As I studied Investment Management at university, I am quite familiar with the technical terms, theories, hypotheses and jargon of investing and I’m also passively buying shares when I have a

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Our first Wannabe iTrader!

Say hello to the first ever Sanlam iTrade Wannabe iTrader, Pieter Kriel! Pieter is a 29 year old entrepreneur from Cape Town. He has a financial background from his studies (BCom Honours  at Stellenbosch University as well as CFA Level II). He has worked in financial accounting and also spent some time as a Senior

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iTrade Fantasy League Announcement

Gerhard Lampen, the head of Sanlam iTrade, consults regularly with the Director of Investments for Sanlam Private Investments, Alwyn van der Merwe, regarding the timing of investing the R1m of the Fantasy League Portfolio. There are major risks for us if the portfolio makes a loss by the end of the investment period, November –