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Technical Pick of the Week – Truworths

Using the Trading Central research available on the iTrade website we look at Truworths. The short term trend is up and as explained in the comment MACD is positive and it is trading above its 20 and 50 day moving averages. The first take profit level is R102.85 and the stop-loss level is R90.26. The

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Share Data – Markets

Sanlam iTrade Online provides a wealth of information and data on every listed JSE share. Every week we will highlight another section of the Share Data pages. After logging in on click on Markets/Data/Research in the top menu. Then click on Share Data. The Markets page gives a great overview of the movements of

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Technical Analysis Pick of the Week: Anglo American Plc

Technical analysis research from award winning international company, Trading Central, is available to Sanlam iTrade clients at no extra cost. This week we highlight Anglo American Plc, code AGL on the JSE or AAL:xlon for the London Stock Exchange listed version on our iTradeGlobal platform. When you click on Trading Central Research under Markets/Data/Research you

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Common (And Not-So-Common) Trading Terms You Should Know

Trading is a skill that you perfect (well… not really, but we keep trying) over the years and it’s great to know that you’re not really alone in the journey – we are here to help you! It’s in this spirit that we provide you with regular #tradingterminology lessons through our social media platforms, explaining

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Global Research and News on iTradeGlobal

Our Live trading clients get global research reports on more than 10,000 companies worldwide for the low cost of only 2 Euros per month. The reports are not analyst reports, but comprehensive information, data and valuation reports. For the iTraders in the iTradeGlobal $100,000 Challenge there are sample reports of 10 companies available which are


Huge ETF demand fuelled Gold price move!

The World Gold Council released their Gold Supply and Demand report today. We already know the US$ gold price appreciated by 17% in the first quarter of 2016. Now we know that this drive was almost entirely caused by a massive demand for Gold ETFs. Inflows into ETFs of 360 tonnes were the highest since

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Trade the World 24/7!

Every South African knows by now how volatile and vulnerable the Rand is. Many investors have all their assets invested in their home country, but it is just good sense to diversify and invest a portion in overseas markets, particularly the US and UK economies which are growing at faster rates than here in SA.

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The $100,000 iTradeGlobal Challenge

Did you wish you were able to trade or invest in offshore markets when Finance Minister Nene was unceremoniously fired on 9 December (9/12 is rated as South Africa’s 9/11)? The Rand has since strengthened, but our currency is still very volatile and we are still waiting for the Ratings Agencies to confirm if we

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The Budget that got a B and failed! Budget 2016 Insights.

How can Minister Gordhan get a B and still fail? Because the pass rate this time for the Budget 2016 was an A. As a result of many years of failure, peaking on 9/12 with the sacking of Finance Minister Nene (our own 9/11 disaster), we stand at the brink of a ratings downgrade to