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Common Trading Misconceptions Exposed

  Is a share trading at R100 more expensive than one trading at R10? Is a company trading at R100 a much larger company than one trading at R10? Let’s bust these two misconceptions and explain the correct way to value shares and determine size. Price ≠ size of the company We compare Nedbank and

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Which trading style are you?

Here’s a look at some of the most popular trading styles and the pros and cons of each. Day trading is when a trader performs multiple trades a day. Day traders often trade with different instruments and on different markets to generate as many trading opportunities as they can.  They typically don’t hold trades overnight.

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JSE runs out of steam – a correction may be on the cards…

The JSE defied gravity and even the notorious Cabinet Reshuffle, rising 10% from December 2016 to May. That was in the face of lower economic growth figures and a deteriorating political landscape. Over the last few days the JSE All Share Index slid 3% in quick fashion, close to the support trendline. The support might

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The Unique Advantage of Equity Investment

Terry Smith, Chief Executive of Fundsmith, recently wrote an article featured in the Financial Times about how equity investment has a unique advantage in the investment world and we can’t agree more. Have a read below and let us know your thoughts! The Unique Advantage of Equity Investment Investment in stocks and shares — equities

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How to start investing: The first steps

The JSE is not a casino. Investing and trading is not gambling. To be a successful investor you need to do the hard yards, which means educating yourself and reading a lot. You can start by taking the Shares Made Simple educational course at no cost on the Sanlam iTrade website. There are modules on the

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iManaged Portfolio beats JSE ALSI by more than 100%!

The iManaged General Equity Portfolio returned 16% for the 12 months to March 2017, more than double the 3% return on the JSE All Share Index. The portfolio’s return over 5 years is an impressive 17% per year compared to the Alsi’s 12%. With 17% compound growth it means your portfolio could have doubled in 4


Gold ETF Demand soared in 2016

Total Gold demand increased by 2% in 2016, mostly driven by ETF demand. In fact, ETF demand accounted for more than 100% of the increase. All other sectors saw a decline in demand. The worst was jewellery demand that declined rapidly in the first 3 quarters, but picked up again in the fourth quarter. Highlights

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The Value of Stop-Loss Orders

This is a real example of the value of stop-loss orders. When we bought Amgen for a family member at $150 we placed a 10% trailing stop-loss order. The share price moved up nicely to $175, causing the sop-loss level to move up to $157.50. Last Friday the 28th of October, Amgen reported decent results

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Online Trading Tools For You

Investing or trading without help can seem daunting to most people. Before the internet, there was very little information available to assist when investing online. The wealth of information and tools now available have placed online trading and investment within the reach of many individuals. Here are some highlights of what is available. Where can

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Is the honeymoon over for the Rand and the JSE?

The sacking of Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene for no other reason than to get Treasury’s approval for a disastrous deal by SAA on 9/12 became our own 9/11 disaster. In the aftermath of the sacking, the Rand weakened to R16.85 and government bond yields shot up to 10.5% as mostly foreigners sold South African assets.